How do I market my website and increase traffic?

Some how we feel that our website is an advertisement and because it is then why should we advertise it. Once it is on the web it should be visible to all as if it were an asteroid hitting the earth in the middle of the night. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your website is hiding in plane site. No one can find it without knowing exactly where it is. So how do we show it to the world or better yet, how do we show it to our qualified prospects?

There are things that can be done to the website itself which will make it more visible to our qualified prospects (customers). This is called search engine optimization. Each page in a website should only contain one specific topic. That topic should be in the title of the page, keywords of the page, in header tags, alt tags etc. Sounds redundant but it gets the point across if not to the customer it definitely does to the search engine.

But what can you do, the website owner?

  1. Insure that your website address (URL) is on everything. Stationary, business cards, coffee cups, brochures, the side of your car, signature lines on your emails, and every advertisement in the papers, periodicals and yellow pages.
  2. Tell people that you have a website and how to get to it.
  3. Add it to online lists such as
  4. Make sure it is on all your memberships such as chamber of commerce.
  5. If you are so inclined, write articles for on and off line publications and include your website address in your by line.
  6. Write an article about your website and the products it offers.
  7. Add more specific pages to your website keyed and geared towards qualifying unique customers to unique products.

I have some other ideas as well. Of course if you would like to know more send me an email. If you would like my help implementing some of these ideas then just give me a call. Good luck with all your on and off line activities. Happy surfing everyone!

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