A Web Design Company Building A Designer Website

Websites can be found everywhere on the internet. I often look around the internet for inspiration just before I start a new project. Have you ever looked at a website and said to yourself "how boring, simple and drab"? Many websites are more functional then they are inviting. Design and function can work hand in hand. After all we want our customers to spend time on our site. Designer websites are not so easy to find on the web.

My websites are built with as much graphics as there is coding. I love to use pictures and parts of pictures to give a feeling or mood to my sites. Even the simplest of pictures and the smallest of details can be the difference between a boring site and a site that comes alive.

Mood is often set with the correct amounts of color and form. Various colors have various meanings in different cultures. The color “Red” is used to indicate power in the western world. If you want your website to be powerful and bold then “Red” is your color. Red goes well with black or even blue. Blue goes well with brown. These are just a few of the concepts I use when I develop my websites.

If you would like to have a website that speaks with both pictures and words, let me know. We can get together and talk about your ideas. I will even have a few of my own.

I offer Affordable Web Design to all my customers. Feel free to wonder around my site and decide for yourself.

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